Everything You Need to Know
About Buying a House
  • Get Pre-Approved

    Sounds so simple right? And yet many start looking for a house without knowing how much they can actually afford. Not sure where to start? iHome Realty has a list of great lenders they would happily recommend

  • Select a Real Estate Agent

    You need an expert on your side to help you find the best house for you. Is that iHome Realty? We think so!

  • Go House Hunting

    Few things are as fun as looking for a new home! Don't worry, your iHome Realty agent will make sure you learn a little something in the process

  • Submit an Offer and Negotiate

    Time to put your agent's knowledge and training to work, and you had better believe that iHome Realty agents are willing and ready to make sure you get the best deal!

  • Home Inspection & Appraisal

    This is where your inspector and your lender's appraiser make sure you're getting a good house with no major safety or structural issues at fair market price

  • Closing on Your Home

    The last hurdle is signing your name on a stack of papers, but these signatures are more fun than past ones because YOU JUST BECAME A HOME OWNER!

Why is getting pre-approved so important?

How much house can you actually afford?

Don't start shopping until you have a budget & know that a lender will actually lend you the money.

Not all factors are equal in financial history

Just because you both pay your bills on time and make about the same amount doesn't mean that you & your neighbor will be pre-approved for the same amount.

Makes your offer stronger

If you want to show sellers that you are serious, you'll want that lender's pre-approval letter.

No pre-approval? No accepted offer

With no proof that you can actually afford their house, sellers are not going to accept your offer.